Synopsis of The Affair

Written by Dana Hagerty

I think this episode may have been the end for Ally and Cheanie. I don't mind. I'd like to see Ally react more in the dating world. Have different dating challenges. Not as many as Seinfeld, mind you, but I'd like to see her date around.

The title of this episode refers to an affair that Ally had with her former law professor. The professor, John Dawson, has died, and Ally is asked by his wife to speak at the funeral. Of course, the wife (played by Kathy Baker of "Picket Fences"), has no clue about the affair. Apparently, Dawson told his wife, Katherine, that Ally was one of his favorite students. (Of course she was!) Ally is unable to tell Katherine no.

Ally has a memory of what pushed her to break up with Dawson. The eyes of his four-year old daughter when she met Ally. At the wake the next day, Ally walks up to the casket, then as she turns around, she locks eyes with Dawson's daughter who is now eight-years old. Katherine notices this, and suddenly puts it all together.

When Katherine confronts Ally in her office the next day, Ally can't deny the affair. However, the widow asks Ally if her husband loved her (Ally). Ally makes an excuse to slip away, and asks Billy his opinion, who tells her to lie. Ally returns and tells Katherine that her husband was only having a mid-life crisis, and that he truly loved her (Katherine). Even so, Katherine decides Ally should not speak at the funeral the next day.

Before the funeral, Ally goes to the office and finds Cheanie waiting for her. He wants to know why she is always confiding in Billy. Ally tells Cheanie about the affair with her professor, and he breaks up with her.

At the funeral, the minister apparently didn't get the message about Ally not speaking, because he calls her up to the pulpit. On Ally's way up, the minister notices the change, and says Ally isn't there. Of course, he then notices her in the aisle and says to come on up. Ally is very embarrassed and she says a lot of nothing at first, but finally gets around to saying that Dawson was a very devoted man.

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