Synopsis of The Kiss

Written by Dana Hagerty

"If you wanta know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss."

Some women may have been a bit offended by the way Ally expected to be kissed in this episode, but others (like me) will admit first dates are scary mostly because of the goodnight kiss, or the anticipation of it. This is Ally's first official date with Ronald Cheanie. They dance, she lets him smell her, he walks her home, and gives her a.....peck on the cheek! What's up with that? After all, he already kissed her after drinks in episode two!

On the work front, Ally is asked by Georgia to be co-counsel in representing TV anchorwoman Barbara Cooker (Kate Jackson). Cooker is suing her former station for sex-discrimination. Ally jumps at the chance when she learns the attorney for the station is Jack Billings, the "butt-grabber" from her former law firm.

Billings loses round one, when the judge allows an inter-office memo to be used as evidence. On the stand, Cooker reads the memo, which states that a survey shows male TV viewers don't want to sleep with her.

At home, Ally, Georgia, and Renee (Ally's roommate) are talking about how Ally is disappointed that Cheanie didn't kiss her the night before. Just as Ally yells that Cheanie didn't kiss her because he is gay, she answers the door to find Cheanie standing there. (Here we witness another great vision into Ally's mind: her face becomes red as a beet and we see steam coming from her head -- actually, it was more like a teapot going off for a really long time). Ally convinces Cheanie that she will discuss things with him the next day.

At the office, Cheanie gets Ally into a corner and breaks up with her (as we witness a dump truck throwing Ally into the back).

Back in court, Ally is able to get the station manager to admit that he fired Cooker simply because viewers are stupid and don't care about the news, just about the looks of the person delivering the news. After court, Ally decides she is really pissed about Cheanie, and confronts him at his office. He tells her his real reason for breaking up with her was because he didn't think she would ever be happy in a relationship. She tells him she may just be exactly what he's looking for. In fact, she says "I'm it!"

Ally gives closing arguments the next day, and tells the jurors that they are the "stupid viewers" the station manager fired Cooker over. Billings offers a settlement of $400,000 while the jury deliberates, but Cooker says no. Good thing. The jury awards Cooker $930,000 in damages.

That night, Ally and Cheanie double date with Billy and Georgia. As they dance, Cheanie leans in and gives Ally a nice kiss.

©1997 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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