Review of The Dirty Joke

Written by Dana Hagerty

Okay, I don't think it hit me until tonight that when Peter MacNicol isn't in an episode, he is sorely missed. Thank goodness he's been hired on as a regular. I don't know if it was his absence, or just the lack of a really good story line that made me feel like this episode didn't have any "ummpff."

I hate to say it, but in a weird sort of way, Richard may have had a point about women hating pretty women. But the really scary thing was I felt Richard may have been the high point of this episode. What was up with that Caroline/gay side story? I thought it went nowhere. Richard not only said something insightful about women (he has been paying attention to the world around him!), but he apologized to a woman.

And, Ally won another case! See, she does know a thing or two about practicing law.

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