Review of Drawing the Lines

Written by Dana Hagerty

Maybe some lines are better left drawn in the sand. I am really hoping neither Billy nor Ally with cross theirs. I know I've said this before, but I have to say it again -- do not let these two do something they will forever regret. Besides, Ally and Georgia have too many hilarious moments together. I'd hate to lose that aspect of the show.

There is a really unique bit during the first meeting with Mrs. Hatfield where Cage's nose is whistling, and he begins to actually dig in it to attempt to stop the whistling. This is priceless! Another in a long list of Ally McBeal scenes that will be discussed on Tuesday across the nation.

I have to add that I will forever admire Sandra Bernhard for playing a character named "Poop."

Thank you, David E. Kelley, for creating Renee and Cage. Cage, because Peter MacNicol is just so perfect for the part, and Renee, because this show needs some sanity on occasion. Just one request: give Renee more to do. She is wonderful when it comes to being honest with Ally ("Emotionally, you're an idiot," she tells Ally), but that's about all she's been given to do. The scene she shared with Cage in this episode was another gem. Cage: "I'm an enigma." Renee: "But you're a cute little enigma."

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