Review of Being There

Written by Dana Hagerty

The video for "Searchin' My Soul" was a neat thing to see, but I definitely wouldn't want it to open up the show each week. I almost wish they had stuck with the normal open, and played the video at the end of the show.

I know this probably isn't something I should admit, but I myself have fallen into my share of toilets. I only admit this because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only woman in the world that has, and that's one thing I love about David Kelley's writing. He takes something that most people don't tell other people they do, and uses it brilliantly.

When I first saw the preview for this show a week ago, I was very concerned about the scenes involving dancing. But again, Kelley pulled it off. When Ally was hearing the theme song her therapist told her to use to deal with Billy and Georgia's situation and she imagined the entire office dancing, it was like I was in that room with them, singing and dancing and not having a care in the world. I think the scene where Billy caught Ally chorus-line kicking out of the bathroom stall was the only time I have ever truly felt like that could have been me. (Okay, besides the toilet incident.)

The best thing about best friends is their honesty. Renee has always been straight with Ally, and it was nice to see Ally return the favor. It's always hard to tell people things they don't want to hear, even if it is your best friend, but Ally did a great job of forcing Renee to deal with the issue.

A few weeks ago we learned why Elaine acts the way she does, and tonight we learned why Renee acts the way she does. These scenes are two of my favorites. I do enjoy the comedic parts of the show, but the dramatic scenes are the ones that stay with me. And both of these actresses did a fantastic job when it came time to be honest and sincere and wear their heart on their sleeve. I would definitely like to see more episodes like this one with the perfect mix of drama and comedy.

I was really surprised that Billy didn't tell Ally off in the bathroom. How dare she tell him that going off and getting his wife pregnant is rude! I know Ally had that great line a few weeks ago when Georgia asked her why her problems were so much more important than everyone else's, but this girl really needs to just get over it. Billy and Georgia were dealing with something that, usually, is a very private thing, and Billy shouldn't have to keep making sure Ally is okay regarding what's going on in his own marriage.

The clicker has now replaced the toilet flusher as my favorite Cage toy! A guy with a clicker probably even has one of those little collapsible men that the passenger plays with in the "da da da" car commercial.

Favorite Line:

Elaine: "Ally wants me in the loop to snoop the scoop."

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