Review of Theme of Life

Written by Dana Hagerty

All in all, this was a decent episode, but I got the feeling that Kelley was trying to include too much stuff and in the process, it came out rushed. I will admit that could be because I am trying to figure out what parts to include in this summary and what parts to leave out, but it just seemed like there was a lot more going on than usual. Like I said earlier, I thought Ullman was fantastic in this episode. I found myself wanting more. I'm glad she will return next week.

I decided after this show that I had to have my own theme song, too. I have settled on the cast of "My Best Friend's Wedding" singing "I Say a Little Prayer."

When Ally was using the vibrating massager on her side and all you could hear was the buzzing and all you could see was her face. Classic! I wonder if Calista ever just busts out laughing when she's shooting some of these scenes?

Cage and the whistle. Need I say more?

I was so glad that this episode didn't end like so many others – with Ally walking home along. I think that small scene with her meeting Georgia for a drink, and the two of them walking together and sharing an umbrella could mean that they really can be friends, despite it all.

Twice, Ally imagines that she has this huge tongue and she leans toward the doctor as if she is going to lick his face. I know these visions are supposed to be our way of seeing Ally's innermost thoughts, but if that's what she was thinking, I personally didn't think it was very becoming of her.

My favorite lines:

Elaine: "Well, I could tell you how to get back with me, but I'm, um, you know."
Richard: "A slut."
Elaine: "Exactly."

Dr. Clark (regarding the fact that Ally and Georgia are friends): "It's so healthy I could puke."

Whipper: "Members of the jury, have you reached your wattle?…verdict."

Elaine (to Richard and others about him and Reno): "What if Kenneth Starr finds out?"

And, my number one favorite of the evening:
Whipper (to the Attorney General): "I'm not a big fan of this Administration's 'reach out and touch' policy."

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