Review of Forbidden Fruits

Written by Dana Hagerty

Billy, I wasn't sure you had it in you. And now, I'm sorry I doubted you. If you keep it up, I might possibly start believing that you really do deserve Georgia.

When Ally and Georgia are talking in the unisex, we hear a toilet flush, and as they turn around to see who it is, they realize that it was Cage with his remote flusher. Glad to see it wasn't permanently damaged in last week's fall.

At one point, Cage tells Fish that he's drawn to Ms. Flint, and asks Fish for advice on what to do. After the verdict, Cage walks up to her, and brushes his finger under her throat. When she asks what he was doing, he starts to tell her that he thought he saw something, and she says, "You touched my wattle. You little perv." Only Cage would try a Fish move!

My favorite lines:

Fish (when Billy and Ally are finishing each other's sentences): "Have you two been passing notes in class?"

Fish (after the judge rules against him): "Please note "damn it" for the record."

Fish (after stopping Ally in the middle of questioning): "You're doing terribly."
Ally: "Richard, I'm not done."
Fish: "Still, so far, it's awful. Bygones."

Cage: "This office is fraught with emotional volatility."

Ally: "Even if I get past all my problems, I'm just going to go out and get new ones. I like being a mess. It's who I am."

Renee (after Ally tells her she is good in bed): "Ally, I'm your roommate. We have thin walls. I make more noise breaking in a new shoe."

Fish (to the Senator when he asks what happens if he's found guilty): "Congress could expel you. You'd have to run for President. Kidding. Bygones."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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