Review of Once in a Lifetime

Written by Dana Hagerty

You know what I would have loved to have seen? The converstation Ally and Renee had after Cage kissed her!

We didn't see much of Georgia in this episode. But she saw everything. She witnessed Richard showing Cage what to do with Ally as he put his hands on Cage's face and pulled him close. She saw Billy's face as he watched Ally leave on her date. She heard Billy telling Cage that he shouldn't date associates. And she overheard Richard and Cage talking in the unisex the night after the date, as Cage told Richard that he thought he might have drawn blood. After seeing previews for next week's episode, it doesn't look like Georgia is going to be just an observer for much longer.

Is anyone surprised that Cage reads Cosmopolitan magazine? I loved it when he told Billy about how women judge men's potential technique as a lover from kissing. And, by the way, most of us do.

And, is anyone surprised that Elaine was known as a "giver" in high school? No first base for this girl the guys went straight to second. Well, at least we know she did learn some interesting things in high school.

Seymore makes several remarks about Ally's short skirts. I like to think that was David Kelley's way of telling everyone out there: "Hey, she wears short skirts. So what? She can still do her job just as well as if she were wearing pants. So there."

My favorite lines:
Elaine: "I'd call her a tramp, if I were one to judge."
Ally: "Yes, were you one."

Judge Boyle, referring to Seymore: "Besides Pick-aso, he's one of my favorites."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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