Review of Body Language

Written by Dana Hagerty

There was no mention of Cage and Ally going on a date so I guess we can assume it hasn't happened. I'm not sure I want these two together, but I think it would be a blast to see them on a date. I can't even begin to imagine where Kelley would have Cage take Ally.

Interesting segue between Ally and Georgia telling Michael to give them a sample, and the sight of a man standing in a bathroom stall. Thank goodness we were back at the unisex. I loved the synchronized flushing and opening of the stalls by Richard, Cage and Elaine.

Some of my favorite lines:
Richard: "I couldn't help but overhear, probably because I was eavesdropping."

Ally: "You were having relations with another woman's neck."

Richard, when talking to Cage about avoiding commitment: "What do I say, that I'm waiting for the Red Sox to win a World Series first."
Cage: "Well, if she accepted that, you'd be safe."

Billy: "This is insane."
Ally: "We're lawyers, Billy. That's our job. Distort the law beyond all common sense."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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