Review of Cro-Magnon

Written by Dana Hagerty

Okay, how weird was that dancing baby? The first time I saw it, I thought, what in the world is Kelley thinking? But I do have to admit, it grew on me. I just never imagined I would see that silly computer program incorporated into a television show. But I'm sure that tomorrow, I will hum "Hooked on a Feeling" all day long.

We learn that Ally is 27 years old. (So, by the way, is Glenn.) Maybe that will be enough to appease all those people who think that Ally doesn't act like a professional all the time. For heavens sake, she hasn't been in the business that long, and she's still learning, so give her a break.

While in the shower, Ally tells herself that she never imagined herself ever wanting to make love to someone, and not wanting to wake up next to him in the morning. She says "and he knew it too. He knew it from the start." So, she was just horny. While I don't agree with how it looks, especially to some of the younger viewers, Ally's not the first person to sleep with someone just for sex.

I was glad to see that Billy was not affected by Ally going on a date with Glenn. I wasn't surprised that Cage had something to say about it, but I guess I always assumed we would see Billy have some kind of feelings about Ally being sexually interested in another guy. I'm pleased that he was more concerned about his relationship with Georgia.

Glenn was played by Michael Easton. He may be familiar to fans of "Days of Our Lives." He was also on "VR.5" and "413 Hope Street."

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