Review of Silver Bells

Written by Dana Hagerty

Kelley has been very conservative with his insights into Ally's mind lately, but tonight, they were back, and they were placed impeccably. The one where the three women shoot at the husband came out of the blue, and I was a little surprised that I felt the same way they did at that moment. Kelley must be getting some assistance from his wife. Either that, or he really has an incredible insight into the female mind.

I could tell from the very beginning that Mindy was not happy with this arrangement. I got the impression that she wasn't a strong enough person to leave her husband and find a better life for herself. Maybe I would have felt more for this story line if this had not been the case.

At one point, Renee tells Richard that he does not want his singing act to follow hers during the party. She was right! Renee and Vonda's rendition of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was fantastic! I'm always pleased when actors who can sing are allowed to use that talent.

But Richard wasn't bad at all. His "Ode to Whipper" was Spiral Starecase's "More Today than Yesterday". In fact, I was very happy to see both Germann (Fish) and Krakowski (Elaine) singing on this show, since they both have Broadway singing experience.

And the best part of the entire show: Peter Roth, the President of FOX Entertainment, playing a guy who dances with Renee, and tells her he runs a network! Simply priceless!

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