Review of Boy to the World

Written by Dana Hagerty

I had so much to say about this episode, I didn't know where to start. It's so hard to write with tears running down my face.

First of all, I want Wilson Cruz's legs! I can't believe I'm jealous of a guy's legs.

I love Renee's nickname for Cage: The Doughboy! (Although, it's got me wondering, why do Renee and Ally give so many people nicknames?)

I've been informed by an official with the show that Ally, Renee, The Biscuit and Dip Chip did have their double date, however that scene was cut from the final product. In the first version of the episode, the date happened, but it went very slowly. Ally leaves the date early after coming up with an idea for Stephanie's defense. The next day, Cage, who has jumped to the conclusion that Ally was his date the night before, tells Ally he would like to go out with her again. (I had read about this on an affiliate's web site, so I was wondering why it wasn't included in the show). There was apparently another scene that was cut in which Ally assures Cage that there are no hard feelings.

We had yet another "Picket Fences" alum in this one. The psychologist was played by Amy Aquino, who played Dr. Joey Diamond on "Picket Fences."

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