Review of the Pilot

Written by Dana Hagerty

I loved the way Richard threw in the part about John Cage at the beginning. I never noticed that the first time I watched this episode.

I also loved all the voice-over work in this episode. I'm sure Kelley did that mostly so he could give us background on Ally and Billy in a hurry, but the beginning wasn't the only place we saw it. It was used very effectively and I thought the voiceovers gave us better insight into Ally than the glimpses into her imagination.

The fact that the voice-over at the beginning while Ally stares out the window ends up being something that actually happens later in the show was another bit that I missed the first time. Most writers would have put it later in the show, when it actually happened. But Kelley's way was more like a beautiful scored symphony. All of the notes were in the right place.

I loved that Ally and Renee danced to "Tell Him," which later in the season ends up being Ally's theme song.

The guy on the street that Ally yelled at was played by co-executive producer Jeffrey Kramer.

Favorite Lines:

Richard: "I'm nothing if not redundant. I also repeat myself."

Ally: "Love and law are the same. Romantic in concept but the actual practice can give you a yeast infection."

Richard: "You look fabulous."
Ally: "I know. I just got fired for it."

Richard: "It's not just winning. It's winning ugly that matters."

Richard: "I know it's none of my business, well, as senior partner I think I'm entitled to be avuncular now and then."

Georgia (to Ally): "I'm sorry." Renee: "Right." Ally: "Renee!" Renee: "What?" Richard: "Bygones."

©1998 Dana Hagerty. All rights reserved.

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