The Attitude
Air date: November 3, 1997
Summary/Review by Dana Hagerty

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Only on a David E. Kelley produced show could I ever imagine seeing a girl enter a bathroom stall, and sit on another girl. Normally, people only have one or two embarrassing stories that they try to make sure other people don't find out about, but Ally seems to be racking them up.

"The Attitude" begins with Ally trying to get Renee to introduce her to District Attorney Jason Roberts. Entering an elevator, Renee sees Jason approaching and tells Ally to block the elevator doors. Unfortunately, Ally ends up getting thrown back and forth between the doors before landing on her behind. Jason helps her up, and Renee introduces them. Jason has already seen Ally in court, and he's obviously impressed, as he asks Ally to dinner after Renee exits the elevator. They make plans to have dinner that night, and as Jason walks away, Ally promptly gets banged up by the elevator doors again.

At the office, Ally is given the case of Karen Horwitz (played by Brenda Vaccaro), who is suing her rabbi. Ms. Horwitz is scheduled to be married in three weeks, but her ex-husband was hit by a bus before he could give her the ghett, and now he's in a coma. She cannot remarry under Jewish law without the ghett. (I don't know much about Jewish law, but I am assuming this is a lot like a Catholic annulment).

Meanwhile, Georgia's boss, Jerry Burrows, announces to her that he is transferring her to the firm's corporate department. His reason - his wife is jealous of him working side by side with Georgia. Georgia goes to Billy and asks if he thinks she has a sex discrimination case against Burrows. They call in "The Biscuit" - John Cage. (Does Peter MacNicol have it in his contract that his characters always have nicknames?) Cage tells Georgia to go back and meet with Burrows, let him know she would like to work it out, and then tell him her attorney would like to meet with him. Georgia meets with Burrows, who tells her his family comes first. Georgia informs him she has hired a lawyer, and asks him to meet with Cage.

Ally gets a meeting with the rabbi at the synagogue, and asks him if he can forget the rule, just this once. This doesn't go over very well with the rabbi, especially when Ally calls it "a silly rule," to which the rabbi asks, "Are you always such a bitchy little thing?" This encounter brings Ms. Horwitz to Ally's office, claiming she has ruined her. She has been asked to leave the synagogue, and even though her ex-husband has died overnight and she doesn't need the ghett anymore, she can't get married in her own temple because she's been expelled.

Cage goes to meet with Burrows, but leaves after announcing that he is deeply troubled, and can't negotiate while troubled. Georgia is now a little concerned about whether Cage is "all there."

We join Ally on her dinner date with Jason Roberts. A dinner date that at first glance is going pretty good, until Jason eats some salad and ends up with dressing on his chin. He keeps talking, oh, wait, here goes his napkin, towards his face, wiping his mouth, and missing the salad dressing-covered chin. Ally finally tells him he has something on his face, and he wipes it off, only to do it again with the next fork full of salad.

Back at their apartment, Ally tells Renee she will forever see Jason as "salad-dressing face." The first little drip, she says, she might have gotten past, but the second one was a big gob. Renee reminds Ally that she is, after all, alone.

Ally returns to the synagogue to try and patch things up with the rabbi, who surprisingly announces that Ms. Horwitz is welcome in the synagogue, and he would be glad to do the ceremony. This after Ally asks if "common sense is pinched off by that thing on your head." As he walks away chuckling, Ally demands to know why he is pleased with her.

Cage again meets with Burrows, this time in the conference room at Cage's firm. Cage sits at the opposite end of the table, to give the impression that the room is full, and tells Burrows that next time it will be. Cage says he will bring all of Burrows' colleagues there and tell them the story. Even though Burrows says they already know the story, Cage reminds him they've only heard his side of the story, and then makes it clear that money is the way to deal with this problem.

The rabbi comes to Ally's office to tell her that the wedding is on, and after explaining that he liked the fact that she was obnoxious, asks her to be his date to the wedding. Not only does Ally say "God no," but she gives him a very long explanation, complete with a reference to salad-dressing face, to which he tells her she could have just said no thank you.

And, we now come to my favorite, and most shocking scene of tonight's episode. Ally enters the bathroom, repeating to herself that she doesn't have her mental health. She walks to a stall, opens the door, and sits - right on Georgia. The look on both of their faces is priceless - sort of a "I won't ever tell anyone about this if you don't." Georgia says this will probably teach her to lock the door, and even though Ally says she has now lost all the feeling in her feet, she finally gets up, announces "It was good to see you," and walks out of the stall.

Later, Ally is talking with Renee at the courthouse when Renee sees Jason in the elevator, and pushes Ally into it. After a little small talk, Jason asks Ally out again, and when she hesitates, he says "whatever." Ally then grabs his face in both hands, kisses him, tells him she is interested, but needed to wipe the slate, and his face, clean. She adds, "Call me."

Back at the firm, Cage, Billy and Georgia all meet with Burrows, who says he senses that the public has lost interest in sex discrimination cases. Georgia and Billy start yelling at Burrows, and Cage asks them to leave. All part of the plan. Cage tells Burrows his very emotional clients are prepared to follow this through, so it's time to pick a number. That number is $311,000, but Georgia has to leave the firm in two weeks. No problem. Fish hires her, with Billy's blessing.

Ally returns to the synagogue to ask the rabbi out on a date. She explains that while they are probably like mayonnaise on brisket, she's decided to juggle. No longer is Ally waiting for Mr. Right - she's taking chances on Mr. Not Likelys on the theory that "who knows."

Again, we end the evening and the episode at the bar downstairs from the firm. Ally tells Renee that she's going out with Jason on Tuesday, the rabbi on Thursday, with "Chicago Hope" in between. (Again, only David Kelley can do this so eloquently). And when Georgia asks Ally if she is okay with her working at the firm, Ally tells Georgia "here's a hot flash - I like you - just lock the door."


Hasn't Ally ever heard that when you stop looking for Mr. Right, he usually comes along? At least she is finally willing to give men more than one chance, but I'm beginning to think she needs to take a vacation, by herself, to a place where she can take a deep breath and get to know Ally again.

I am so pleased we saw more of John Cage in this episode. I had mentioned in another review that I hoped he wasn't wasted, and so far he has been fantastic. He's even in next week's show!

And while I love the fact that David Kelley is being very consistent in his writing, I'm getting a little tired of Elaine telling Ally that she is "snappish." It was funny at first, now it's getting old.

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